Status Codes and Messages v9.0 8590 to 8599

W3DBSMGR Status Codes This section describes the status codes returned by the W3DBSMGR component. These errors are in the range 8590 to 8599 and cause an entry in the event log. In many cases when you receive these errors, there may be some instability in the environment or memory allocation and you will need to restart the machine.

8590: An error occurred in the database manager while initializing Smart Components Manager This error occurs when W3DBSMGR.DLL failed to initialize the smart component library. You may also get more information about the problem that caused this error by setting the environment variable PVSW_DISP_LOAD_ERRS=AIF, and running the application again. This setting enables the Services DLL to display on-screen module load errors. However, this environment variable should only be set to diagnose module load errors. In all other cases, it should not be set.

8591: The database manager is already loaded In its attempt to initialize, the Workgroup engine detected that another copy of the Pervasive.SQL Workgroup engine is already running in memory. To avoid this error, shut down the program that is already running as specified below: If the program is autoloaded by an application, then terminate the application. If the program is automatically loaded, then shut down the application using the tray icon.

8592: Insufficient memory to load the database manager This error indicates that the system is out of resources. Close some applications and try again.

8593: An error occurred while the database manager was creating a system thread This error indicates that the system is out of resources. Close some of the applications and try again.

8594: Engine cannot be restarted The Workgroup engine has been previously stopped while there were active applications and cannot be restarted. Close all current applications and try again. If you receive this code once more, you will need to restart the computer.

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