Status Codes and Messages v9.0 7000 to 7050

Distributed Tuning Interface Status Codes This section lists the status codes you can receive when using the Distributed Tuning Interface. See API Programmer's Reference for more information on this interface.

7001: Invalid connection handle specified Specify a valid connection handle with the API call.

7002: NULL pointer specified Specify a valid pointer with the API call.

7003: Buffer was too small Increase the buffer size. Some APIs report the required size in an out parameter.

7004: A general failure occurred This error can be returned in the following situations: You do not have the necessary permissions to perform the operation. The engine on the target machine is not started.

7005: Invalid data type specified Specify a valid data type for the operation.

7006: Setting value is out of range Check the valid range for the setting in the configuration reference section of Advanced Operations Guide.

7007: At least one selection item is invalid Check the list of selection items to ensure all are valid selections. You can find the valid values in the configuration reference section of Advanced Operations Guide.

7008: Invalid sequence number Specify a valid sequence number for the operation.

7009: Data on open files is not available Data related to open files is not currently available.

7010: Client ID is invalid The client ID needed for this operation is invalid. Specify a valid client ID.

7011: Insufficient access rights You have insufficient access rights to perform the operation requested. Many DTI functions require administrative rights on the server. See API Programmer's Reference for more information on rights required for DTI operations.

7012: Named database already exists The named database you are trying to add already exists. Specify a unique name for the named database.

7013: Named database does not exist The requested named database does not exist. Specify a valid named database.

7014: DTI not initialized Before you can use DTI functions, you must first initialize DTI by calling the PvStart() function. Then you can invoke DTI operations. When finished, use PvStop() to terminate the DTI session. See API Programmer's Reference for more information.

7015: File not open The operation you requested requires an open file.

7016: Dictionary files already exist Dictionary files for the specified database already exist.

7017: Dictionary path in use Another process has the dictionary files in use. Close all other running applications and retry the operation.

7018: Invalid DSN name The DSN you are trying to create contains invalid characters or is too long. DSN names cannot be longer than 20 characters and cannot contain the following symbols: []{}() ?*=!@,;

7019: DSN already exists The DSN you are trying to create already exists. Specify a different name for the DSN.

7020: Specified DSN does not exist The DSN you are trying to locate does not exist. Specify a valid DSN name.

7021: Invalid open mode for DSN Specify a valid open mode. DSN open modes are documented in Advanced Operations Guide.

7022: Component not loaded A component needed for DTI is not loaded. Try restarting your Pervasive.SQL engines.

7023: The database files cannot be deleted because they are shared with another database You receive this status when trying to delete a database that shares DDF files with another database.

7024: Invalid Btrieve Security Policy When creating a database, an invalid Btrieve Security Policy was specified. Specify one of: PSQL_DB_POLICY_CLASSIC PSQL_DB_POLICY_MIXED PSQL_DB_POLICY_DBSEC

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