Status Codes and Messages v9.0 4000 to 4099

Database Utilities Status Codes This section lists the status codes you can receive when using the Database Utilities (DBU).

4083: Component not loaded If you receive this status code while attempting to start the Pervasive.SQL Transactional or Relational Services, you are missing a key file. To resolve this problem, uninstall Pervasive.SQL 9 and reinstall it.


You may get more information about the situation that caused this error by setting the environment variable, PVSW_DISP_LOAD_ERRS=AIF, and running the application again. This enables the Services DLL to display on-screen module load errors. However, this environment variable should only be set to diagnose module load errors. In all other cases, it should not be set.

4086: An internal error occurred. Utilities Requester receive size too small. Verify that the correct components are loaded This status code may appear when all three communication protocols (TCP/IP, SPX and NetBios) are present. By default, all three of these protocols are enabled. To resolve this error message, disable one of the protocols in the server configuration. In Pervasive.SQL 8 and later, NetBIOS is not supported by the Server engine. To Adjust Server Protocols: Start Pervasive.SQL Control Center (see Starting PCC in Pervasive.SQL User's Guide). Expand Engines and find the desired engine name. Right-click on the engine name and select Properties. Click Communication Protocols. In the right hand frame, adjust the Supported Protocols list as appropriate to your network environment. Restart the engines for the new settings to take effect. Ensure that each client workstation that accesses the database server has at least one Supported Protocol in common with the server, or else the clients cannot communicate with the server. At each workstation, check the Configuration setting Local Client Microkernel Router Communication Protocols Supported Protocols.

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