Status Codes and Messages v9.0 2000 to 2099

Btrieve Requester Status Codes This section lists the status codes that the Btrieve Requesters generate.

2000: Internal error The Btrieve requester encountered an internal error. Check the Pervasive Event Log (PVSW.LOG) for more information.

2001: The memory allocation is insufficient In a DOS environment, reduce the value specified for the /D configuration option.

2003: The Requester does not allow local access to the specified file The application attempted to access a file stored on a local drive. The configuration of the MicroKernel installed at the client machine does not allow access to local files.

2004: SPX is not installed Install the NetWare SPX v2.0.

2005: An incorrect version of SPX is installed Install the NetWare SPX v2.0.

2006: There is no available SPX connection SPX has already established the maximum number of sessions it can handle. To increase the maximum, edit the NET.CFG file. Refer to your NetWare documentation for more information about NET.CFG.

2007: A pointer parameter is invalid One of the pointer parameters passed to the MicroKernel is invalid. Check the program to ensure that the pointer parameters are correct.

2008: Router cannot find engine The MicroKernel Router cannot communicate with the 6.15 engine. This status code is only used with the MicroKernel v4.0.100.

2009: Cannot load MicroKernel Router component The Btrieve requester cannot load the MicroKernel Router. This can occur if the DLL fails to load or fails to obtain the necessary DLL entry point.

2010: Thunk not possible - the Win32 MicroKernel router could not be found or is incompatible You receive this status code when the system is configured for thunking and the path is not accessible. This can occur if a necessary system file cannot be found (for example, KERNEL32.DLL). It can also occur if the required system calls (for example, Win32s library) are not available.

2011: Btrieve requester resource DLL not loaded The resource DLL is either missing or incompatible with the current version of the requester. If this happens, the MicroKernel reverts to its default settings and continues to run.

2012: The Btrieve requester encountered an operating system error Check the Pervasive Event Log (PVSW.LOG) for more information.

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